As THE elite boutique neighborhood Realtor, we specialize in providing our clients with exceptional personalized service.  We distinguish ourselves from the large national franchises by providing unrivaled service that is friendly, professional, personal, and well informed.  Our commitment to understand fully the needs of our buyers and sellers, our experienced, hands-on engagement with the details of our real estate transactions, and our absolute availability set us apart from the corporate real estate conglomerates and position us at the very summit of professionals in the luxury real estate industry.

The foundation of our service is to be found in our support for the agents that comprise The Call Realty team.  We provide our handpicked associates with extraordinary support in the form of leading edge marketing, technology, ongoing education, and generous compensation structures, thereby ensuring that only the most qualified consultants in the industry represent our clients.

Service is not just a word at Call Realty & Associates.  It is our number one priority; it is the lens through which we examine every opportunity and make every decision.  It is the reason we say with confidence, "Call Realty & Associates is the leader in client service in the South Bay and Peninsula!

"Performance Coaching"

Please, ask about our PERFORMANCE Coaching - give yourself the assurance that your "dreams and goals become a reality"! 

In our effort to provide you that assurance, our teamwork approach quantify’s and identify’s your goal; establishes a complete "business" analysis and baseline from which to work from; and tracks performance against predetermined standards.  In the process of benchmarking our fundamental systems approach and correct business planning, it provides the agent an easy to use and no nonsence approach to proven achievable methods to success. 

Does it stop here?  No, as the culture of our program is "centering" the agent to the right environment and activities "closest to the dollar" - we customize and systemize "The Plan" to the individual!  It takes constant "Follow-Up" just as with our customers and clients; "Yes, you the agent, are the customer of our program of Success!"

Private and individual instruction by appointment and on an "as need" basis is available.